Our services

We offer a top-to-tail approach for all your project and documentation needs. Early stage research, a final polish or any of the steps between, talk to us now about how we can help.


  • Website maintenance and development — Drupal, WordPress, proprietary CMS (content management systems) and QR code linking
  • Training manuals and technical writing
  • Annual reports
  • Copywriting — clear, convincing and targeted
  • Print-ready presentation — infographics and design
  • Localisation and tailoring
  • Accessibility as standard
  • Editing and proofreading

“Thanks — surprised that one got past my editor… he was always on my case about those!” Paul Barry, Head First Python (O’Reilly Media)

“Wow, good eyes, Corinne, and thanks for catching that. Typos happen — and your eagle-eye vision saved the day!” James Chartrand, Men with Pens

Financial planning and meeting funding needs

  • Strategic planning
  • Research and analysis
  • Funding strategy and bid-writing
  • Evaluation

Training and facilitation

  • Partnership and group development
  • Skilled in working with sensitive client needs
  • Qualified trainers