Examples of our work

Here are some case studies. They are set out under different types of services we provide and span a period of time since 2009. Each client is different and we specialise in taking a tailored approach.

If there is a piece of work you would like us to carry out that you cannot see represented here, do get in touch. We will give you an honest appraisal of whether or not it is within our scope. (If it is not something we are able to deliver, we can usually find you someone who can.)


We worked with Barking and Dagenham Council for Voluntary Services to provide an interim funding advice service. We provided in-office support at a fixed daily rate. The assignment was to work with organisations on a one-to-one basis to develop funding bids and in partnership with a range of funders that included the Big Lottery, Community Foundation, Grassroots Grants, and Capacitybuiders.

Our work enabled Barking and Dagenham Council for Voluntary Services to provide a consistent front-line service to voluntary organisations, in the borough, during a time of organisational and departmental change.


We carried out an end of first year evaluation and set a baseline for the coming three years of a four-year funded programme. This work was commissioned by London Voluntary Service Council. The programme we evaluated was set up to support organisations working with children and young people across the 33 London boroughs.

The work was carried out from our offices, with telephone interviews and facilitated sessions. It was charged for on a complete project price.

A copy of the final report is available to read Children and Young People Support Project Evaluation.

Interim Management

We provided interim management for Redbridge Council for Voluntary Services. We covered the position of Communications Manager, stepping in at short notice, and ensuring there was no gap in the publications cycle.

During this time we produced a high quality bi-monthly printed publication and weekly e-newsletters, set up a new e-newsletter, maintained the website, managed staff and volunteer needs, and prepared an induction for a new information officer.


We gathered specialist information and data for a Department of Health funded database aimed at aiding GP commissioning of voluntary sector services. We supported organisations working with drug and alcohol users to identify where their services fitted within clinical pathways and to demonstrate outcomes and impact.

Integrity and accuracy of data were crucial to our successful implementation of this work. We delivered within a tight time constraint and balanced the information collecting requirement with the public image of the project.

We gave a half-day follow-up to support user testing of the preliminary database.